We can enhance your project, outage and aftermarket support by providing a number of integrated services:


Design, furnish and install industrial air pollution control equipment & systems including high pressure pulse-air & reverse-air cleaned bag houses (all welded modular, all panel & open structural designs), acid gas scrubbing systems utilizing dry & wet reagent feed systems, forced convective air-to-air heat   exchangers, cyclone collectors and cartridge dust collectors.


Manufacturers of complete design, supply & installation for 60+ years.  Non-Metallic Duct Joints: Elastomeric Designs to 400° F, Teflon Varieties to 525° F, High Temperature  Composites to 2000° F. Available in Belt, U-Type & More. Fly Ash Eliminators, Internal Mounts/Overlays, All Subassemblies.  Metallic Duct Expansion Joints: Bellows; Round, Doghouse, Accordion, Box. Single or Double Miter Corner, Rounded or 90° Corners, Load Bearing Models, Wide Variety of Alloys.  Pressure Piping Expansion Joints: Elastomeric Sizes 3/4″ to 140″ Inside Diameter, Teflon Expansion Joints and Couplings, Control Rods.  Decades of experience with solving high movement failures, vibration/flutter fatigue, high ash/dust loading failures. Expertise with SCR/FGD “scrubber” applications, Gas Turbines/HRSG’s and Refractory Solutions.  24 Hour Emergency Service, Onsite Splicing, Expansion Joint Plant Inspections.


Manufacturers of both centrifugal fan and axial fan designs. Centrifugal fan range include backward curved, flat backward, radial paddle blade, forward curved multivane and radial blade high pressure blowers. Axial fan products include direct driven axial, belt driven axial, spun bifurcated & fabricated bifurcated fans. ATEX CERTIFIED.



Manufacturer of pipe supports, hangers, constant and variable spring Quality-pipe-supports, ltd.supports, including ancilliary equipment (pipe clamps, “U” bolts, rods, etc.) Including dynamic supports, stairways/walkways, unistrut and lindapters. Complete with full service engineering, design & detailing facilities. Surface finishes include zinc electro plating, hot dip galvanizing, shot blasting & plastic coating.



stauff-logoA leading manufacturer and supplier of pipework equipment and hydraulic components including pipe and tube clamps, hydraulic accessories, valves and flanges.



Gill-Manufacturing logoFull service large metal fabricator including welding, machining, assembly and painting since 1979.Including large heavy plate fabrication in an all encompassing 75,000 sf facility. Servicing such industries as power, petrochemical, pulp and paper, steel, mining, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, and machining for intricate castings.